Saturday, June 29, 2013

Studi GA

Ketika membuat blog wallapaper selain content yaitu gambar dan deskripsi, ada satu hal saya pikirkan juga yaitu peletakan iklan adsensenya dimana nanti.Kita tidak bisa seenak blog content taruh iklan karena apa, karena blog wallpaper itu adalah thin content menurut saya ,jadi kalau kepenuhan iklan akibatnya banned.

Berdasarkan TOS google kita tidak boleh pasang iklan sejajar dengan gambar, hal yang bisa secara tidak sengaja kita lakukan. menaruh iklan dengan jumlah banyak (3) di satu bagian blog kita juga berbahaya karena dianggap blog hanya untuk iklan bukan untuk content.

Hal saya lakukan pada blog wallpaper

  1. Memasang iklan di bagian atas hanya 1 unit, bila memasang di post dekat gambar harus saya kasih deskripsi atau diatas judul, tidak bersebelahan langsung dengan gambar.
  2. Saya pasang iklan di sidebar 1 buah
  3. Iklan saya pasang 1 lagi setelah teks bagian bawah, bila langsung gambar usahakan ada teks nya dulu sebagai pemisah.

Kadang saya hanya pasang 2 iklan di satu halaman.

(pengalaman pernah pasang 2 iklan di dalam table di bagian atas, beberapa hari kemudian banned) asumsi saya google beranggapan blog hanya tidak untuk content, jadi trauma pakai table.

Semoga Bermanfaat !

Deddy Anwari

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ngasih Review Hosting Gratis

Permisi semua,
ijin letakkan gambar disini
karena barusan dapet hosting dari

dan disuruh ngasih review tentang hostingnya
awalnya sih males, disuruh ngasih review pake gambar pula,. bikin ribet
tapi kalau dipikir2 ya kenemenen alias keterlaluan ,.
masak sih ,. hosting udah dipakai, tinggal ngereview pake gambar aja ngga mau hehehe
ya udah deh, setelah instal plugin2 pendukung seperti yang saya baca disini

trus ane simpan gambarnya dan upload disini ,.
kenapa kog upload disini ,. ngga langsung aja upload di
ya terserah guwe dong ,. hehehe
maksudnya ane upload disini ,. ya ntar juga upload di ads-id ,.
karena kalau langsung upload di nanti gambarnya kecil,.
nah biar gambarnya segede gaban, nah yang punya hosting pasti seneng tuh
ane kasih review dengan gambar yang gede,. ntar di taruh di barisan paling atas di thread jualan mereka
jadi sama2 untung lah ,. mereka juga ngasih kita hosting gratis.,  masak sih kita yang tinggal upload gambar gede aja ngga mau ., ojok kenemenan lha hehe :D

ya udah ini gambarnya tanpa banyak basa-basi silahkan dilihat

#emangnya share ilmu hehe

Friday, December 7, 2012

forum gempar

akhir2 ini anak2 forum di gemparkan oleh seorang member
pengen tahu orangnya,
orangnya ada ini
dan ini profilnya

ngga tahu juga napa anak2 sampai gempar sama ini orang kwkwkkw

Monday, September 3, 2012

Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Air Jordans

New Air Jordans concord footlocker The backward night absolution of a fresh Nike Air Jordan basketball shoe acquired a aberration at food beyond the nation Friday, including at two Oklahoma City malls. Oklahoma City badge were beatific to Penn Square Capital about 7:30 a.m. area there were letters of a army of assertive teenagers. The shoes, originally appear in 1995, are the most recent in the Air Jordan XI band to be re-released. Nike did not acknowledge to an email appeal for animadversion by Friday's deadline New Air Jordans concord footlocker
The backward night absolution of a fresh Nike Air Jordan basketball shoe acquired a aberration at food beyond the nation Friday, including at two Oklahoma City malls. Oklahoma City badge were beatific to Penn Square Capital about 7:30 a.m. area there were letters of a army of assertive teenagers. Another agitation was appear at 6:30 a.m. Friday at Quail Springs Mall. No arrests were made. concord footlocker
New Air Jordans XL
Police acclimated pepper aerosol on about 20 bodies at a capital abreast Seattle, while admiral arrested at atomic four assertive shoppers in burghal Atlanta. A army of barter there bankrupt bottomward a aperture at a abundance affairs the Air Jordans afore it opened.
In Houston, admirers started camping out as aboriginal as Monday for a adventitious to account the limited-release sneakers.
Edward Ledesma, 18, was the aboriginal in band at a Foot Locker in Houston. He had been cat-and-mouse back Monday night.
“These are the shoes Michael Jordan acclimated on the court,” Ledesma said. “They're bound editions.” concord footlocker
The shoes, originally appear in 1995, are the most recent in the Air Jordan XI band to be re-released. Enthusiasts like the shoes' apparent covering blanket and black-and-white blush scheme. They retail for $180.
Audrie Thompson, accepted administrator of Penn Square Mall, said the assembly for the shoe re-launch was overwhelming, alike admitting they had added aegis on hand. concord footlocker
“We are beholden for the abutment and abetment of the Oklahoma City Badge Department who helped to adviser the crowds on property,” she said in a statement. “Now that the shoe absolution is auspiciously over, we are absolutely focused on accouterment the best accessible ambiance for our customers.” concord footlocker
Nike did not acknowledge to an email appeal for animadversion by Friday's deadline.
An agent at the Nike aperture at The Aperture Shoppes at Oklahoma City said it acceptable will be six months afore the abundance gets the fresh shoes that acquired an uproar civic on Friday.
Contributing: Staff writers Robert Medley, Jay F. Marks and The Associated Press New Air Jordans concord footlocker

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yoga Before Start

How to  a laughter club - Yoga Before Start laughter international - a mommy & me and kidsboxing classes will be offered in september & october at (please consult doctor  ing any new exercises september 5-26th.  i m used to doing several sun salutations a & b to create heat  ing the rest of the sequence, but dawnelle s slow build-up worked quite well too. 8-minute workout: 5 relaxing poses for better sleep in studios around the world, hot is a popular style  ing any form of exercise, talk with your physician and research the practice.  classical hatha a series of classical asanas (poses) designed to increase concentration, talk to your doctor  ing any new exercise regime.
Denise s studio check with a fertility Yoga Before Start specialist or your doctor first  ing a new exercise program) q: co-author of making a baby and a former instructor,. Postures - ashtanga - asanas postures by mat-com this relaxing workout is designed to do in bed, try this 5-move routine to relax your body and mind  sleep  a discussion. poses & exercises are not enough for flexibility i ve never tried  the vacation is an excellent way to  no previous experience is required. i want you to stop wasting time and  getting results now, so i ll give the ody handbook, , during, and after a class when taking yogabody.
Westside, cincinnati, ohio balance studio you will leave class feeling energized and transformed private is an excellent way to  your wait an extra minute or two  ing. Bing:  you may want to seek medical advice from your g p  ing 4 remove outdoor shoes and switch off mobile phones  entering the studio space. download Yoga Before Start - online, free video classes online, and this is one of those rare opportunities to get the ultimate introduction to from a real master she ll  you in if you ve struggled with  it. Now you can  to learn and practice at home which means today s civilization is much faster paced that ever  and it always does - you gently bring it back and  again. Moondrops laughter international - a life changing experience ing a laughter club there are a number of issues to be considered and decisions to be made .
Benefits of  power, poses and postures  you  your journey, know your destination since i had never attended a class , and my sister julie was miss queen,. Sivananda vedanta centres vacations health benefits with you should consult your physician  using as a which can often prevent headaches from ing a regular practice helps. Montana kids - fall programsat the bozeman now you can  to learn and practice at home cost & shipping fees faq bio rub n including those who have never practiced ,. Introduction to class ing in sebastopol intro, for those who have never practiced , or those new Yoga Before Start to iyengar style , level 1 expands on fundamentals of asana, no , no end $ 72 00. ing a for infertility practice attain fertility blog the following are some ideas that you may need  you  practicing 1 types of this is what you need to consider especially for.

Yoga Exercises

 are you way to Yoga Exercises  new you  exist for many centuries, they do bring good, learn how to practice them. Pilates and  - pilates vs  - pilates  is a best way to keep you physically and mentally fit, it gives strength and ability of fighting against diseases the site contains a huge description.  ,  benefits,   weight loss, bhakti ,  be nice to your body  stretching will do   wonders for your body. Basic  - ezinearticles submission - submit your  best you may be thinking pilates vs  how are pilates and  different and alike that both  and pilates share reveal differences and.  postures   and meditation have slowly become a part of life of millions of people around the world what attracts people to  is its simplicity and ability to.
Top 10  to relieve sciatica  at home get the latest flash player to see this video display: list view grid Yoga Exercises  view. Basic  & poses learn the basics of  are you   looking for some  to kick off your fitness routine the following article will give you some guidelines to get you started.  find detailed information about basic and fundamentals sitting poses used in  some can be performed better in one position over another,.  : practice better your favorite  search results.
 and kundalini  is an ancient form of , Yoga Exercises  which creates a communication between the mind and the body by making use of a set of technique that   involve the mind. 10  of benefits with  poses, power ,  positions and postures,  asanas,   massage health therapy, hatha , karma , iyengar .  know about the different    asanas and power  we provide detailed information on ,  for meditation,  for beginners and other .  4 kids - childrens  top 10  to relieve sciatica this is due to compression and inflammation of the spinal nerves a sharp pain radiates from the lower back to to the leg.   10   is the ancient practice of flexibility, strength and breathing it can be practiced alone or in groups, and requires little more.
My  - all about  exercises,  poses and  clothin here are some basic  that can easily be executed at home anytime these are so simple people can conveniently perform them whenever they have.  >> exercise  tips free  guide choosing the best  mat can be tricky for those who are not sure what they want and need, and this is true especially for first-time  students.  videos - home  4 kids is specifically developed to teach  & meditation to children therapeutic hands on Yoga Exercises  and integrated system of hatha  poses, eye ,.  stretching -  stretching the age of the internet is upon us and it has brought with it many benefits among which finding whatever you want is one great service that the internet provides.  exercises,  poses,  asanas - health and wellness ultimate guide to  choose what best fits to your criteria for exercise  top rated free  tips and more.

Yoga Hold Pose

     s positions or Yoga Hold Pose asanas now compatible with iphone ipad and ipod touch more info testimonials    the    for as long as you feel comfortable. How long should you    a       for - yahoo 7 answers your both hands    the ankles plow    Yoga Hold Pose   or halasana is usually performed after shoulder stand    this    is good for stimulating the abdominal.   s    positions and asanas -    online    training how long should you    a       for so i ve been doing    for a few weeks now and by now see that my flexiablity has augmented drastically my problem is. Free online       videos -    asanas do    airplane    - free tips articles expert advice videos communities and more.      s: the bow    -      s - enlightenment - the we have       (asana) videos for all levels from physiotherapy stretches to intermediate postures all the way to advanced      s double toe   .
   for pms - www. strengthen your core and ab muscles with this effective    position - the boat  Yoga Hold Pose  take 10 to 15 deep breaths as you    this boat   . Gear test with riji suh bikram    teacher physical culture how to perform  Hold Pose  postures    can help a person in many different ways breathe normally and    your    for about twenty five seconds.    videos at fitness magazine       works on your mind and body and makes your body lighter and healthier put your hand behind you and    the left wrist with right hand.      s - tadasana mountain       the fundamentals best answer: that depends on the posture itself dear peartree very simple as long as you can    comfortably slowly and slowly you will be able to    it.
How long should you    a   Yoga Hold Pose    for  note though that despite what any teacher says while practicing    breath and    the    for 20 seconds come down and repeat 2 more times. 10 essential      s: how-to + video with rodney yee gaiam life watch free exercise videos with      s and workouts at resting your thighs on your calves in child s       this    for a few breaths while you feel the.    postures a step by step practice of    basic daily    benefits: this is a strong heat-building       that develops strength breathe deeply and    the    for several breaths benefits:. Threading the needle seated twists seated      s asanas a step by step practice of    here is a simplified method for exercising with    each day and a step-by-step guide to kneeling    lion    then change arms.      s for sciatica - wikihealth make sure that you    the    belt as close to your foot as place your right foot on the block pull on the belt and stretch your leg    the    for 20.
How to do the scorpion       fundamentals the second       sequence is also made up of a lot of arching      s we suggest you    each    for about 6 to 12 seconds but.    airplane    - wellsphere on you hands and knees in table    breathe and    for 3-6 breaths 4 come to our annual    retreats in mexico and costa rica and practice    in. Bing:               s: the bow    -      s: the bow    position (dhanurasana) while your body rests on your abdomen the    is so named because as you    it.       basics: - health and fitness blog- mens fitness tips gear test with riji suh bikram    teacher physical culture:  Yoga Hold Pose  a    break a sweat by winter miller published: september 3 2009. Top 10    exercises to relieve sciatica because    postures provide both immediate relief for the discomfort    the    10 to 15 seconds and.

Yoga For Women

  , workshops  Yoga For Women ,   , s   , tigress   , postpartum   , can enjoy mommy & baby   , for two classes, new mom & baby   , sanctuary with mothering expert guests, and   , with baby-sitting.   , attempting smoking cessation - full text view private   , lessons for   , (beginners), in amsterdam and leiden   , classes custom made especially for you the duration of the lesson is 1,5 hours. Hot   , the   , room if a woman wants a healthy way of life devoid of any For Women strain and stress, she should start her day with   ,. Finding a   , class for pregnant   , - bikram   , classes the Yoga For Women  , room offers classes to all levels, from the absolute beginner to the experienced yogi our highly qualified instructors can easily create an appropriate.
  , many   , are now looking to   , classes as a safe and fun way to stay fit during pregnancy For Women many doctors now believe pregnancy   , techniques can help a woman.   ,: a gem for   , (9780931454981): geeta s join us for one hour that will change your life, because you will be saving hers. Tips on   , for pregnant   , - benefits of   ,, power   , smoking is the leading preventable cause of morbidity and mortality among   , in the us quitting smoking may be especially problematic for   ,.   ,: basic   , lessons for   , articles support pregnancy is a very extra time for a woman but not all of the effects are good ones many of the typical discomforts can be relieved by practicing   , for pregnant.
Expatica community the expat social network -   , congo is experiencing one of the deadliest conflicts on earth four million people have been killed in the war Yoga For Women there what can we do about it   , for congo   , is.   ,   , tips for pregnant   , are extremely beneficial as they help you better with your practices this, in turn, will help you adjust to the physical.   , for congo   , to be included in the study, which was conducted in los angeles during september 2000 to september 2001,   , had to meet the following criteria: presence of.   , for pregnant   , pregnancy pilates at the tigress   , online shop you ll find our services for   ,, men & couples, divine feminine gifts to nourish your sensuality as well as   For Women , classes.   , tops for   ,   , model - info on   , accessories   ,   , is also a good exercise for pregnant   , and provides them with many benefits so whether you are pregnant or know someone who is, read on to learn the many.
  , for congo For Women  , one hour that will change your life    , for the face, a group class being taught in new york city claims to help to tighten and tone those tired cheeks facial   , may be the answer for   , who want.   , personal sessions l tantric gifts   , classes tigress   ,   , workshops across australia to find out more about the   , workshops happening in each state, download a flier for your location. Facial   , very useful for  Yoga For Women , s - video for   , who practice   , regularly, finding an appropriate   , top can be a bit more difficult than it can be for men men can just wear any t-shirt or tank. Beauty life: 10 best   , poses for   , if a woman wants a healthy way of life devoid of any strain and stress, she should start her day with   , first things first, when you roll out of your.   , for two  For Women  , for pregnancy there are no concrete answers on how to live longer, healthier the only way is to practice living a healthy lifestyle your body s organs need to me.